Bibigo Rice With Shrimp Flavor Bundle 2 - 160g x 2

Daily busy life couldn't stop us from exploring new food/ culinary, especially familiar faces like Cooked Rice.  Bibigo instant Cooked Rice brings to you a new trend of rice concept, which is tasty, healthy, and convenient.

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BREAKTHROUGH CONVENIENT PACKAGING: Ready to serve nutritious meal within 1 min of microwaving or 2 mins of stir-frying

GOLDEN RECIPE WITH OWNED-FARM RICE SOURCE: Cultivated with devotion in CJ Rice-Hub in VN and a Golden ratio of ingredients and a twist of authentic flavors for an irresistible meal

GREEN OFFER FOR HEALTH: Gluten-free | No MSG | Halal certified, No Preservative, No Artificial Flavoring & Coloring

VARIOUS FLAVORFUL CHOICES: Spice up your daily meals with different tastes

NET WEIGHT: 160g x 2
STORAGE: Room-temp
SHELF LIFE: 12 months


Step 1: Open the lid up to the dotted line
Step 2: Heat for 1 minute in the microwave
Step 3: Stir before serving