Bibigo Gochujang Hot Pepper Paste 12kg

Jang is the foundation of Korean cuisine that can turn simple dishes into cooking masterpieces. What makes Jang inseparable from Korean culinary culture is its devoted fermentation process which takes accumulated days and nights to break down and well blends all the goodness from fresh ingredients, offering deep, rich, and incredibly balanced flavors of savory and naturally sweet taste.

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Exclusive Fermentation Technology
Fresh chili after sun drying is fermented by exclusive Tempe Technology from CJ Foods - Korea's leading food company, creating a delicious, natural umami, and memorable Korean tingling taste

Piece of nature
Natural ingredients such as fresh chili powder, corn starch, onions, etc. are carefully selected, ensuring taste and safety, and meeting export standards to the most demanding markets

Enough room to preserve your own identity
Easily adjust, reduce or enhance salty, sweet, sour, and spicy to the user's taste. Easily combine with other Asian and Western dishes to create interesting combinations

Storage: Ambient
Shelf life: 12 months

Best company of Korean dishes: 
• Spicy beef soup, kimchi soup, other stews and sauces
• Bibimbap, gimbap, or other dishes like grilled meats and seafood, or roasted veggies. Basically, add it to every dish that you feel like missing a little spicy department, and it will feel just right.

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