Bibigo Bulgogi Marinade Spicy 3kg

Inspired by Korean authentic recipes, the Bibigo sauce lineup is reinvented to offer an exciting way of accessing the taste of Korean cuisine.

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Bibigo Bulgogi Marinade offers a quick and easy way to enjoy authentic Bulgogi at your table.

  • Tenderize the meat
  • All natural fresh ingredients
  • Can be used as a vegetarian condiment

Storage: Ambient
Shelf life: 12 months

Best marinade for Korean bulgogi:

Step 1: marinate beef with bibigo Bulgogi Marinade for 30 minutes

Step 2: grill meat in the oven, pan-fry or stir-fry as you like

Step 3: add onions and shiitake mushrooms (for bulgogi Original) or carrots, bell peppers, and leaks (for Bulgogi Spicy) to make the dish more appetizing