Kimchi or other fermented vegetables originates from South Korea, created by ancient Korean forefathers, with the wish that even in the cold of winter, anyone can enjoy fresh and nutritious vegetables. From this wisdom of our ancestors who fully understood how to eat Kimchi in the most delicious and healthy way, Bibigo has recreated this recipe and produced the most delicious and nutritious Kimchi. Bibigo Kimchi is proud to be the best-selling Kimchi brand in Vietnam.



Pickled Mustard Greens

A perfect combination between modern production technology from CJ Group and a special traditional recipe from Cau Tre with more than 35 years of understanding Vietnamese taste. The dish uses clean, fresh ingredients, which are fermented at low temperatures to keep the fresh, crispy, savory and sour flavors typical of Vietnamese pickled mustard greens. A rustic but indispensable dish in Vietnamese meals.