Established in 1953 as the first sugar producer in Korea, CJ Cheiljedang has been leading the Korean food industry for over 60 years. We've sought to spread Korea’s delectable flavors to every corner of the world, with quality products that can satisfy local palates without losing their distinctive and unique Korean qualities. We are committed to improving the lives of people in Vietnam, and around the world, by supplying high quality, hygienic and perfect tasting foods. Join us to create a healthy & convenient daily life.


  • Disclosed 'L-Methionine', the world's first eco-friendly fermentation method, at the World Conference on Animal Production.
  • Completed construction of powdered lysine plant in Fort Dodge, USA
  • Plant in Jombang, Indonesia launched 'Arginine’
  • Hetbahn became the first cooked rice product to be recognized as Green Product of the Year.
  • Expanded livestock business in Vietnam (poultry farming)
  • Achieved Low Carbon Certification for 4 Beksul sugar products.


  • Applied for a patent on kimchi lactic acid bacteria, 'CJLP 133'.
  • Shenyang plant in China launched 'Valine’


  • Acquired Cofeed, a Chinese animal feed company
  • Entered into the animal feed business in Cambodia
  • Incorporated in the DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Indices) Asia-Pacific Index
  • Succeeded in mass production of "Allulose", a next generation sweetener
  • Participated in Milano Expo in Italy with the Korea Pavilion Started L-methionine production in the BIO plant in Kerteh, Malaysia.
  • Launched CJ Breeding, a seed company


  • Acquired Cau Tre, a Vietnamese frozen food company
  • Ranked No. 1 in Korea and the US with 'bibigo' dumplings.
  • Completed construction of a fermented soybean production plant in Vung Tau, Vietnam
  • Awarded presidential commendation for job creation
  • Acquired the assets of Metabolix, an American venture firm
  • Acquired Haide, a Chinese food amino acid company (FGA)
  • Inaugurated the US Food R&D Center
  • Acquired Kim & Kim, a Vietnamese kimchi manufacturer


  • Hetbahn's annual sales exceeded 300 million
  • Selected as the official sponsor of the ‘2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.
  • Bibigo was selected as the official sponsor of the regular PGA Tour Championship, THE CJ CUP @ NINE BRIDGES
  • Constructed an integrated food production facility in Vietnam
  • Acquired Brazil’s 'Selecta' and started the Soy Protein Concentrate (SPC) business
  • Acquired Russian frozen food company, Raviolo
  • Acquired Minh Dat, a Vietnamese seafood processing company
  • Established CJ Blossom Park, an integrated research institute. Started BIO-fermented Cysteine production.


  • Started the poultry farming business in Myanmar CJ Blossom Campus (integrated food production facility) launched Hetbahn
  • Acquired American frozen food company, Kahiki Foods
  • Acquired German frozen food company, Mainfrost
  • Ranked No. 1 in the world in amino acids for animal feed, Valine Entered into the animal feed business in Myanmar.
  • Completed construction of a fermented soybean plant in Foshan, China
  • Sales from its global bio business exceeded KRW 2 trillion Launched South Korea's first HMR flagship store, CJ Olive Market


  • Acquired Schwan's Company, a large American frozen food company  

2010 - 2012

  • Completed construction of a powdered lysine plant in Liaocheng, China
Completed construction of MSG plant in Jombang, Indonesia
  • Brazilian subsidiary completed the expansion of the powdered lysine plant 
  • Launched Xylose sugar product
  • Completed construction of the world's largest dried salt plant
  • Factory in Pasuruan in Indonesia launched Tryptophan

2000 - 2009: The era of a qualitative and quantitative leap forward in the food and BIO business

  • Signed an MOU for eco-friendly bioscience research with the Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology.
  • Official full-fledged advance into the organic food business field.
  • Split up CJ Corporation
  • Established an operating company named CJ CheilJedang Co., Ltd.
  • Acquired Hasunjung Food.
  • Conducted M&A with Haechandle.
  • Launched livestock business in Vietnam (swine farming)
  • Acquired Annie Chun's Inc., an American food distribution company
  • Completed construction of a powdered lysine plant in Piracicaba, Brazil
  • Completed construction of a powdered lysine plant in Liaocheng, China
  • Merger of factories in Pasuruan and Jombang in Indonesia (renamed PT-CJI)
  • Acquired Hanil Pharmaceutical.
  • Established Liaocheng subsidiary in China
  • Entered into the animal feed business in China
  • Nucleic acid was selected as a world class product.
  • Started DASIDA production at Qingdao plant in China
  • Entered into the animal feed business in Vietnam
  • Launched an animal feed additive named Threonine
  • Started the chicken farming business in Indonesia

1990 - 1999: Became the only unit in the domestic food and biological industry


  • Created BIO Business Division and Manufacturing Technology Center


  • Completed construction of a nucleic acid plant in Indonesia.


  • Completed construction of an animal feed plant in Philippines.


  • Launched Hetbahn. Entered into the animal feed business in Indonesia.


  • First in the world to develop the "pseudomonas vaccine".


  • Opening of Life Science Research Center


  • Sales reached KRW 1 trillion for the first time in the domestic food industry.
  • Launched the life science business.
  • Completed construction of a powdered lysine plant in Pasuruan, Indonesia


  • Completed construction of MSG plant in Pasuruan, Indonesia

1980 - 1989: Innovation commencement and foreign markets development


  • Established 'PT-CSI' in Indonesia.


  • Completed construction of and began operating a pharmaceutical plant (Icheon). 



  • Established the General Research Center.


  • Succeeded in developing technology for mass production of interferon. 


  • Sales in the domestic food industry reached KRW 100 million for the first time.
  • Completed construction of Icheon plant 1 (to commence meat processing business).

1970 - 1979: Sự mở rộng của văn hóa ẩm thực và sự ra đời của thương hiệu Beksul

  • Completed construction of Incheon Animal Feed Factory 2
  • Started the cooking oil business.
  • Developed the nucleic acid (IMP and GMP) manufacturing method for the first time in South Korea


  • Established the first Food Research Center in South Korea


  • Launched nucleic acid composite seasoning ‘AIMEE’


  • Started ‘DASIDA’ production.


  • Started the animal feed business.

1950 - 1969: Became the first sugar manufacturer in South Korea

- Merged with seasoning manufacturer 'Mipung Industry’ 
- Entered the seasoning business.
- Exported sugar for the first time.
- Entered the flour manufacturing business.
- Founded Cheiljedang Co., Ltd. (Samsung Group’s first manufacturing business).

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To contribute to the global community by providing the best values with our ONLYONE products and services

A company with a global lifestyle that inspires a new life of health, happiness and convenience

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With a deep and lasting presence in the Vietnamese market, filled with activities for improving the lives of Vietnamese people, CJ Foods has risen high and gained notable achievements.

CJ Cau Tre - Golden brand in 2020

With CJ Cau Tre, the brand is proof of the business's promise to consumers, that we are committed to always bringing higher quality food products with modern production lines and professional teams.

CJ Foods Vietnam - Best place to work in Asia in 2021

To aim higher, CJ Foods Vietnam continues to improve itself on a daily basis. Thanks to all the positive contributions from each member of the company, CJ Foods Vietnam was honored to be voted by HR Asia - the leading prestigious magazine on human resources in Asia - as one of 2021’s best places to work in Asia.

As a company that aims to improve people's lives through its products, CJ Foods Vietnam is aware of its influence on the community. Moreover, CJ Foods Vietnam fully understands that the success of the business is reflected not only in the business results but also in the common values of the community to which the business contributes.

Presenting gifts to flood compatriots in the Central region in 2020

In order to help locals overcome difficulties in the flood season, CJ Foods actively cooperated with a youth newspaper to present flood-affected persons with practical gifts from the company's quality product range. This contribution from CJ Foods lifted their spirits and helped them overcome their difficulties. Simultaneously, a volunteer group from CJ Foods Vietnam also travelled to the Quang Son commune to share the burden with the locals there, and also gave them many gifts and cash to help them overcome the storm No. 9 in 2020.

Actively joining hands in the fight against Covid-19

In addition to continuing to serve consumers with essential products during the difficult times of this pandemic, CJ Foods Vietnam has also made significant contributions to the pandemic prevention in the locality and the community. In 2021, while continuing to provide Vietnamese consumers quality products, CJ Foods performed an essential role in the Covid 19 pandemic prevention during the difficult production process. CJ Foods donated ambulances and protective equipment to the People's Committee of Tan Phu District as their contribution to the district health system for the treatment of infected patients. In August 2021, CJ Foods Vietnam also provided hundreds of meals each day to keep front-line soldiers fed during their arduous pandemic prevention duties.