By understanding the snacking needs of today's youth (Gen Z),  This disruptive brand of Ohya offers snacks that aren't just novel in form but provide unique experiences. With the highlights of Ohya brand, we confidently aim to become Vietnamese consumers’ favorite snack brand in the future. 

Snacks aren’t just snacks.

Ohya creates a whole new concept, no longer encapsulated in being an ordinary snack. Ohya's products are not only meant as an entertaining food but also aimed at serving the needs of today's youth in all occasions such as parties, snack time, being a simple dish to help recharge one’s batteries after school, work, etc.

Original and extremely trending products

Ohya wins over consumers by creating quality products that are extremely fresh and highly trending. Ohya is proud to create a variety of “taste adventures” for users with a wide range of quality products

Innovative and disruptive taste

With Ohya, Gen Z can fulfill their desire to enjoy the stylish snack world. With delicious foods of many origins, diverse and mixed flavors, Ohya always creates breakthrough products which please young people in every way.