Hetbahn means freshly harvested and cooked rice.
The rice grain is polished through strict raw material process at CJ's factories and cooked on the same day. After that, the rice is packed in a sterile environment so that the delicious taste of the new rice can be preserved. Hetbahn always strives to be the representative brand by generating customer satisfaction and new products with the best quality, using advanced technologies.


The secret to the taste of freshly cooked rice

Rice is a raw grain, and its freshness will decrease over time once it has been milled. With Hetbahn, rice is milled and cooked on the same day, delivering the authentic taste of freshly cooked rice.

A revelation about the expiration date of the products

Advanced sterilization technologies are applied to prevent food spoilage. The products can be stored at room temperature for 9 months! The food is prepared in a clean room with the same level of cleanliness as a semiconductor fabrication plant. High temperature and high pressure steam sterilization is applied to completely stop microorganisms from taking hold, and thus preserving the taste.

Secrets about Hetbahn bowls

Hetbahn bowls and film covering are made of polypropylene (PP) material, which does not release any harmful chemicals when heated. Hetbahn is absolutely safe at high temperatures.