Cau Tre

For almost 4 decades, we’ve never forgotten that only by preserving each traditional culinary secret can we make each product touchingly delicious. Every early morning, Cau Tre pork bologna are evenly pounded, then wrapped in green banana leaves, and without fail curled with a soft, fragrant filling inside a thin, crispy, special golden brown rice paper.
Just like that, every product is born, imbued with Vietnamese soul and full of the quintessential Vietnamese flavor for today's diners.

Selective fresh ingredients

The freshness of the ingredients blends together to create a rich, full-flavored filling

Experience & Technology

Nearly 40 years of experience in creating the most perfect spring rolls, now improved with modern technology from South Korea


Understanding Vietnamese palates, Cau Tre spring rolls always tailor its products according to the taste of each region, satisfying even the most demanding of customers