Bibigo Hot Jang Original 3kg

Jang is the foundation of Korean cuisine that can turn simple dishes into cooking masterpieces. What makes Jang inseparable from Korean culinary culture is its devoted fermentation process which takes accumulated days and nights to break down and well blends all the goodness from fresh ingredients, offering deep, rich, and incredibly balanced flavors of savory and naturally sweet taste.

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Korean slow heat
Mindfully made from Gochujang - a completely natural fermented pepper paste that Koreans have used in every daily dish for thousands of years, to bring out the lingering heat

Good choice for health
The natural chili sauce with natural fermentation of fresh chili peppers and garlic, using very little sugar, salt, no added MSG, and no chemical flavorings

Best condiment for deep-fried dishes
The magical kick from the spicy taste of Hot Sauce makes fried dishes no longer greasy and boring

Storage: Ambient
Shelf life: 12 months

Dipping or drizzling over any dish to make them more flavorful than ever.
Bibigo Hot sauce can also be used to marinate many dishes from Eastern to Western, giving them an interesting taste that blows all the senses and leaves you wanting more.

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