Bibigo Korean Style Fried Chicken Sauce 12kg

Inspired by Korean authentic recipes, the Bibigo sauce lineup is reinvented to offer an exciting way of accessing the taste of Korean cuisine.

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A complete chicken sauce brings you convenience and enhances your confidence level.

  • Designated for fried chicken
  • Full of Korean flavor
  • Great viscosity
  • One sauce, many directions to use

Storage: Ambient
Shelf life: 12 months

Add to any ordinary fried chicken recipe you have and it will turn into a marvelous and mouth-watering dish.

The ingredients are very simple to prepare: 
• Deep fried chicken
• Add other ingredients to your liking: sesame, green onion, baro onion, etc.

Korean Fried Chicken Sauce has 2 main uses: coating and dipping (can be modified to use for other deep-fried dishes while still keeping the original deliciousness)

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