Bibigo Mandu Prawn 350g

Bibigo Mandu – Korea’s No.1 Dumpling Brand.

Bibigo has established “Korean style” dumplings with its own chef–quality recipe and technology.

Bibigo Mandu is made from the freshest and most high-quality ingredients with unique dicing technology from CJ Corporation wrapped in strong thin skin kneading 3,000 times.

Bibigo Mandu provides a delightful delicious juicy full filling to the thin crispy skin, fully cooked and easy preparation

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The name Bibigo comes from the Korean word "mix", combined with "go" to offer harmony and balance of Korean food with convenience. Bibigo's logo represents a modern twist to the classic Korean dish, Bibimpap, by combining the spoon, chopsticks, and traditional hot stone bowl. Rooted in Korean culinary traditions, Bibigo shares the best in Korean flavors and culture with the world.

Shelf life: 12 months
Storage condition: frozen at -18 degree
Attention: Never refreeze defrosted products
Cooking direction: Pan-fry, Steam, Soup

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