Bibigo Ssamjang Seasoned Soybean Paste 3kg

Jang is the foundation of Korean cuisine that can turn simple dishes into cooking masterpieces. What makes Jang inseparable from Korean culinary culture is its devoted fermentation process which takes accumulated days and nights to break down and well blends all the goodness from fresh ingredients, offering deep, rich, and incredibly balanced flavors of savory and naturally sweet taste.

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Delicious taste
The wonderful blend and combination of salty, sweet, spicy, and fatty elements according to the exclusive Tempe Fermentation Technology of CJ Foods - Korea's leading food company.

Attractive aroma
Memorable delicious taste thanks to rich nuts, especially suitable for accompaniment to rolls or rice mixes.

Convenient and handy
A convenient dipping condiment that requires no further processing. Just open the lid and serve with vegetables, protein, or any dishes from Eastern to Western, to add a bit of nutty flavor.

Healthy dipping
The combination of healthy ingredients such as soybeans and fermented Gochujang creates a natural umami flavor, which is artificial-MSG-free and beneficial for health.

Storage: Ambient
Shelf life: 10 months

Best condiments of Korean dishes such as:
• Korean BBQ
• Korean “ssam” – Vegetable wraps, rice wraps or be creative with another fusion version of pasta sauce, pizza toppings, bagna cauda, etc. There is literally no limitation!

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