Bibigo Tokbokki Sauce Sweet & Spicy 3kg

Inspired by Korean authentic recipes, the Bibigo sauce lineup is reinvented to offer an exciting way of accessing the taste of Korean cuisine.

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Bibigo offers the best version of Tokbokki seasoning sauce.

Elevated taste: with Gochujang Fermented Chili Sauce from the homeland of Korea, the spiciness is moderated, and the saltiness-sweet is harmonized, suitable for consumer taste.

Safe ingredients: the ingredients like chili powder, garlic, onion, syrup, etc. are carefully selected, which are flavorful, nutritious, and safe for users' health.

Ready in 5 minutes: the complete Tokbokki Sauce package is super convenient, easy, and time-saving which delivers a consistent quality bowl of tokbokki every time.

Storage: Ambient
Shelf life: 12 months

Used to cook traditional Tokbokki dishes, or transform them into unique rabokki, soups, and hotpots.

PREPARATION for traditional Tokbokki: 
• Tokbokki rice cake 
• Other ingredients depending on your preference: fish cakes, boiled eggs, chives, onions, cabbage...

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